B2B lead generation software and tools have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they provide a great way for businesses to streamline their sales process. From automated email sequences to help you nurture leads through the funnel to contact capture forms that make it easy to collect data from potential customers, there are plenty of options available for any business looking to increase its lead generation efforts. No matter what your needs may be, one of these B2B lead generation tools or software is sure to get you on the right path toward success.

In digital marketing, the b2b lead generation strategy is very important. So, you need to use various software and tools in the b2b lead generation strategy. There are a few hundred b2b lead generation software and tools available. But all of this software is not beneficial and useable for everyone. In this article, we discuss the 20 best B2B lead generation software and tools.

Why use B2B lead generation tools?

You need to use various B2B lead generation tools because:

  • You can reach your targeted client easily using b2b lead generation tools.
  • It reduces the waste of time and money.
  • Provide real-time tracking.
  • Do cost-effective marketing.
  • The best strategy for a startup company.
  • Easily calculate revenue.
  • Establish the company in a short time.

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20 Best b2b lead generation software and tools

1. Hunter. B2B Lead Generation Software

Hunter.io is an amazing tool to find someone’s email from the website. Like the name, it’s vital to work to hunt or find the email. You can find someone’s email by name within a second. Hunter email finder tools provide a lot of emails with a single click with the Google Chrome extension. But you will lose only 1 credit for a website.

Email Hunter is the best outreach tool for B2B lead generation. You can use Email Hunter to find someone’s email, clean and verify emails, send and follow up on cold emails, etc. Email Hunter provides 100 free credits per month and it has various premium pricing plans.

2. Zoom Info: B2B Lead Generation Software

Zoominfo is a b2b company and contacts data subscription-based software. It provides a data-driven solution for B2B lead generation with business contact information. You can reach your targeted people by company’s location, industry, revenue, job title, etc. functionality. About 80M+ verified emails and 46M+ direct phone numbers are stored in Zoom Info’s database.

2. Rocket Reach.

Rocket Reach is a b2b email and phone lookup Saas software. There are about 450M professional’s verified contact data available in the Rocket Reach database. It’s a great resourceful B2B lead generation tool and software for any marketer.

Rocket Reach has Google Chrome Extention to find the email, phone number, and social media profile from LinkedIn.

You can try to use Rocket Reach for a free trial. After the trial ends, Rocket Reach has a different pricing plan for a premium membership.

4. Getprospect.

GetProspect is the best LinkedIn email finder and prospecting tool for b2b lead generation. Email finders like GetProspect are perfect for finding the emails that you need most. The email extractor can find emails from LinkedIn Profile and Getprospect search tools.

It’s the cost-effective and easiest B2B lead generation tool for any marketer. GetProspect provides 100 free credits per month to use free.

5. Apollo. B2B Lead Generation Software

Apollo is a LinkedIn email finder and b2b lead generation tool. This Email finder allows you to find email and phone numbers from your LinkedIn Profile.

Apollo database has 200 million contact lists and 10 million businesses. You can find the email by using the database to find the companies you need by industry, company size, location, name, and more.

6. Skrapp.

Skrapp is light and straightforward to the user LinkedIn Email Finder tools. It allows you to formulate a list of qualified B2B less along with their email addresses and other essential contact details.

These email finder tools extract email addresses from every online platform, be it LinkedIn Email Extractor or the company’s website.

You will get the advantage of discovering emails in the quantity that helps your sales funnel to develop.


8. Adapt.

Adapt is a very accessible global B2B contact and organization’s data provider across multiple industries.

The tool has 250,000 plus users and 100 million corporation contacts, including a specific company database and contact information.

This tool is perfect for developing chrome extension leads, expecting, and engaging with your forefronts. It will help you with your sales method from the beginning to the end.

9. SalesQL.

SalesQL is one of the most popular email finders with cheap pricing. This email finder is useful for recruiting agencies and hiring managers, lead generation agencies, and B2B sales teams.

SalesQL is a cost-effective and simple b2b lead generation tool to find email and phone numbers from the LinkedIn profile.

10. Snav.io

Snov.io is an alternative way to email hunters. Snovio is multipurpose B2B lead generation software. This email finder tool is very creative in finding anyone’s email address. It is a modest and powerful СRM for any business. It also has a Google Chrome extension to find the email from the LinkedIn profile.

Snovio is an outreach automation tool to find, validate, and send emails. The software can manage customer relationships with professionalism and fully personalized attention.

11. HubSpot B2B Lead Generation Software

HubSpot Since 2006, HubSpot has dominated the field of B2B and Email marketing and is one of the best Email marketing tools in the world. It is a cloud-based tool that will help us to run and present our business in such a way that people will find it interesting.

Since contact is the main deal for Email marketing, and they do Bulk Email marketing, customer relationship management software is a primary tool that is developed for marketers. It helps to build and organize a vast number of authentic leads to nurture them based on their buyer character and unique weak points. Hubspot has various products and features for B2B lead generation.

They have their hub to increase the traffic and also will convert the visitors into leads. It works as a shortcut processor that makes life more simple. The process helps the sales team to close the deal efficiently and quickly.

12. Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based B2B sales and lead generation software. It’s the most popular CRM software to track email, calls, contact history, etc. Pipedrive helps to get more leads and increase revenue.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based tool, so you can work anywhere, at any time, and track & analyze and sales data in one place.

13. SalesForce.

Salesforce is the #1 cloud-based CRM software for lead generation. It brings customers and companies together. All sales, marketing, CRM tools, and integrations are available in SalesForce. SalesForce is very powerful b2b lead generation software for any type of business.

14. Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is email marketing and automation software for B2B lead generation. For any type of small or mid-level business Constant Contact might be the best email marketing software

Constant Contact was founded by Randy Parker in 1998. It allows easy navigation, sophisticated analysis tracking, convenient auto-responders, and of course, Email marketing.

With 160+ eye-catching templates, they have a branded model that will allow correspond with any company’s website. Also, they added features such as email automation software, integration, segmentation, and personalization. 

15. Getresponse.

Probably the most accessible software to use for sending emails, sales funnel, landing pages, surveys, etc. It was founded by Simon Grabowski back in 1998. Getresponse became user-friendly email marketing and b2b lead generation software by creating landing pages by conversion, tracking campaigns, and marketing automation.

It is easy to use because of the drag-and-drop option. Nobody needs a professional background to operate this user-friendly application. Even a non-professional will be able to perform all the necessary steps to proceed. The software has over 500 designed built-in templates that can be used to create a spectacular visual of the email.

16. EasySendy.

EasySendy is another versatile cloud-based email marketing tool that is inexpensive yet powerful. It is used by various businesses and professionals who are selling or promoting products and services online to build, manage, and launch multiple email campaigns. With EasySendy at your aegis, you can launch all sorts of campaigns like emails, SMS, automated drip email campaigns, and social media campaigns.

EasySendy Pro offers advanced drip email campaign features, intelligent segmentation based on subscriber interactions, Web Pop Forms, Advanced reporting analytics, Auto-responders, Subscriber management, Email list-building forms, Multiple email delivery servers, Behavior-based email campaigns, and more. This tool has easy to uses drag and drop email template editor to create email templates. These email templates are compatible with multiple devices and email clients. With its simplistic drag-and-drop editor, you can create new email templates using existing email template blocks without any coding knowledge.

A cherry on top along with all these features is that EasySendy Drip lets you connect with some significant email delivery servers like Aritic Mail, Amazon SES, and more.

Use EasySendy for Free

17. Omnisend.

There are dozens of email marketing tools, plugins, and software programs available but Omnisend is one of the best tools for lead generation. The reason why Omnisend is popular is that it is a versatile tool that not only does email marketing for you but automates it in a very intelligent way. It also gives you a bonus, which is newsletters/reminders via SMS.

If you want to save time from marketing, Omnisend email marketing is the best option to go for as it boosts your sales through automated emails and SMS. The best thing about it is that it is very intelligent. For instance, if someone has abandoned the cart, Omnisend will send an email/SMS after a delay. It automatically offers discounts to the customer based on the original value of the product. This increases the chances of sales. If the product does not have a substantial profit margin, it just sends a reminder without a discount offer. In simple words, it is intelligent enough to replace a person sitting at a computer and give discount offers to customers. Omnisend for eCommerce is what you need to keep your customers happy and up-to-date.

18. Lead Pages.

Lead Pages is a website, land page, and sales funnel builder tool. It’s the best way to get online and grow your business. Lead Pages have conversion tools, a website builder, a web template, a plugin, and 40+ Standard email services & CRM integrations. This tool is the best b2b lead generation strategy tool.

19. Calendly.

Calendly is the #1 online appointment automated scheduling software. Now it’s become the popular lead generation tool for everyone. Calendly helps you schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

20. Linkedin.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network and social media platform. It is one of the most useful platforms for lead generation. LinkedIn has a powerful search and filtering tool to find targeted people. You can generate a lot of emails through LinkedIn outreach and content sharing without paid ads. So, you can try to find leads on LinkedIn. Check out the 10 best LinkedIn email finder and extractor tools for lead generation.

Conclusion: Lead generation tools and software can be a great way to help increase your B2B sales. They provide you with the necessary resources to discover new opportunities and convert them into customers, as well as help you keep track of leads throughout the entire process. With so many different lead generation technologies available today, it’s important that businesses find the one that best fits their needs. By doing this they can optimize their processes and maximize their success rate when generating leads.

We hope this article helps you to find the right tools for b2b lead generation.