An email is very important for a website or business owner if the email is valid. If you are looking to find the best bulk email checker or validation software then this article is for you. In this article, we discuss the top 11 best bulk email checkers and verification software, and all these software offer a free plan. We hope this top list helps you to choose the right email checker and verifier software to verify your email list.

Email is so important to everyday life that it’s all too easy to forget about how essential reliable email verification and validation really is. It’s a crucial part of ensuring your emails are secure, meaning you can easily send out messages without worrying that your account will be hacked or malicious links sent from yourself. To help you handle this process efficiently and securely, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best free bulk email checker and verifier software available today – each offering effective solutions for verifying the authenticity of your emails! Read on to discover which one works best for you.

Why Do You Need To Verify The Email List?

In today’s digital age, email has become a popular medium for communication. It has made life easy, fast, and efficient. However, with the increasing amount of email traffic, it’s important to ensure that the email list remains clean and operational. That’s where email list verification comes in. By verifying the email list regularly, you can get rid of any invalid or inactive email addresses, which can be causing your bounce rates to skyrocket. It also ensures that your emails are being received only by people who are interested in your content, which in turn increases your engagement rates. So, if you’re an email marketer or simply send emails for personal use, it’s crucial to verify your email list regularly to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

5 Top Reasons for Verify an Email List

1. Ensure Delivery:

One of the primary reasons to verify an email list is to ensure the delivery of your messages. If you send emails to invalid or outdated addresses, they will bounce back and can negatively affect your sender’s reputation. Verifying your email list ensures that all of the addresses are valid and up-to-date so that your messages will be delivered successfully.

2. Improve Open Rates:

Verifying an email list can also help to improve open rates. If your messages are sent to invalid or outdated email addresses, they will not be opened, which means that you won’t get any engagement from those contacts. By verifying your list, you can ensure that only valid and up-to-date contacts receive your messages, which will help to boost open rates.

3. Avoid Spam Traps:

Another important reason to verify an email list is to avoid spam traps. Spam traps are email addresses set up by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) specifically for the purpose of catching spammers in the act of sending unsolicited emails. If you send a message to a spam trap address, it can have a negative effect on your sender’s reputation and may even result in getting blacklisted by some ISPs. Verifying your list helps you avoid sending messages to these types of addresses and keeps your sender’s reputation intact.

4. Reduce Unsubscribes:

Verifying an email list can also help reduce unsubscribes as it ensures that only valid contacts receive your messages. If people receive emails from unknown senders or irrelevant content, they are more likely to unsubscribe from future emails as it appears spammy or untrustworthy. By verifying your list, you can ensure that only interested contacts receive relevant content which reduces the chances of them unsubscribing from future emails.

5. Increase ROI:

Finally, verifying an email list can help increase return on investment (ROI). When you send emails to valid and up-to-date contacts who are interested in what you have to offer, they are more likely to engage with your content and purchase products or services from you which increases ROI over time

How can I verify a bulk of email addresses for free?

Email marketing campaigns are a key way to reach out to your customers and promote your business, but it’s important to ensure that you’re reaching the right audience. To make sure your emails are going to accurate and valid addresses, it’s essential to perform a bulk email validation. Fortunately, many tools and services offer this feature for free, so you can efficiently and cost-effectively verify a large volume of email addresses. With such services, you can easily check email addresses for spelling errors, syntactical mistakes, domain names, and other issues that could damage your email delivery rate. So, before you launch your next email campaign, take the time to verify the bulk of email addresses and ensure that you’re reaching the right people at the right time.

Here are the 10 best email checker and verifier software reviews.

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1. NeverBounce Email Checker

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If you search for email verifier tools then NeverBounce would be your fast choice. It is the best bulk email verifier and checker software. 125,000+ customers use NeverBounce to verify their email list. You will receive 1000 free credits for the first time when you sign up on Neverbonce.

The Services of NeverBounce :

  • Bulk email list cleaning services.
  • Email verification and validation services.
  • Automate and sync list cleaning.

Best Feature of NeverBounce :

  • Real-time bulk email verifier and checker.
  • 80+ Available integration.
  • Awesome user dashboard.
  • Email validation confirmation up to 99.9%.
  • Remove bounce and invalid emails.
  • Automate and sync list cleaning.
  • Verify subscribers and client emails directly at the point of opt-in.
  • Human support if you face any problem.

Pricing of Neverbounce:

Free Plan: 1000 Credit.

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NeverBounce Pricing

Paid Plan: Paid plan defend your number of emails.

2. ZeroBounce Email Checker

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ZeroBounce is an award-winning secure email verification tool. It removes invalid emails and increases deliverability.

ZeroBounce’s Services:

  • Bulk email checker and verification service.
  • AI email scoring service.
  • Inbox placement testing services.
  • Email server testing.

ZeroBounce Feature:

  • Verify and check the bulk email list.
  • All email marketing and CRM integration.
  • Remove invalid emails from the list.
  • Identify spam domains and increase deliverability.
  • Automation of email collection with API.
  • Inbox placement testing.
  • Abuse email list checking.
  • Append email list data like person name, gender, etc if missing the list.
  • Available Custom download option.
  • Identify bounce email.
  • Find email provider IP and SMTP information etc.

ZeroBounce  Pricing:

Free Plan: 1 Test per month.

Paid plan starts from $15.

3. GetProspect.

GetProspect email verification, getprospect, GetProspect email verifier

GetProspect is a sales, lead generation, list building, CRM, and email verifier software. Best bulk email verification service with free 100 credits. It’s a fast and easy-to-use bulk email verifier and email checking tool.


  • Bulk email verification service.
  • Email list cleaning and spam email checking service.
  • Domain health checking.
  • B2B Database
  • List Building
  • Email Finder
  • CRM

TrueMail Feature :

  • Bulk email verification and checking service.
  • Available Google Chrome.
  • Domain health checking.
  • Remove invalid and duplicate emails.
  • High-risk detection.
  • Email list Segmentation.
  • Custom download system.
  • Custom API & Webhook.
  • 99%+ Email accuracy guaranteed.
  • Email finder.
  • Lead enrichment.
  • Email searching.

GetProspect Pricing

4. Clearout.

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The Clearout email checker is a bulk email verification and list-cleaning tool. It’s the cheap pricing email address validation tool and provides 98%+ accurate results.

Clearout Service :

  • Bulk Email validation and verification.
  • Instant or Quick Email Verification.
  • Email list cleaning service.

Feature of Clearout :

  • The accurate result, 98%+ accuracy guaranteed.
  • Cheap and affordable pricing.
  • Spam email checking and scanning.
  • Find and remove duplicate emails.
  • Email Syntax validation.
  • Domain and SMTP Verification.
  • Provide deliverability score.
  • Available integration with all email, CRM, and CMS platforms.

Clearout  Pricing:

Free Plan: 100 Credit.

Paid Plan starts from $20 =5,000 credit.

5. Emailable Email Checker.

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In today’s digital world, sending emails has become a key component of communication. Although email marketing is very effective, it is useless if your recipients’ email addresses are not valid. This is where Emailable comes in. Emailable is a free email verification tool that allows you to quickly and easily verify email addresses, ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients. Not only does Emailable ensure you are not wasting time and effort sending emails to invalid addresses, but it also increases the likelihood that your emails will be delivered to the inbox instead of the spam folder. Get started with Emailable today and ensure your email marketing efforts are a success!

Service of The Checker :

  • Bulk email address verification and checking service.
  • Email list cleaning service.
  • Domain health checking.
  • Email bounce checking service.

The Checker Feature :

  • The accurate result, 99%+ accuracy guaranteed.
  • Lifetime credit.
  • Cheap and affordable pricing.
  • Spam and bounce email checker.
  • Multiple file format export and import.
  • Custom file export.
  • Find and remove duplicate emails.
  • Email Syntax validation.
  • Domain and SMTP Verification.
  • Integrate with any marketing platform.

Pricing :

Free Plan: 100 Credit.

Paid Plan starts from $25.00 =5,000 credit.

6. Email Checker

Hunter is an email finder and email validation tool. Like the name, it’s vital to work to hunt or find the email. This email hunter permits you to find the email addresses of Outlooks.

You can launch by entering the domain name and searching the email address of the decision-maker in a particular corporation., hunter, hunter review, email hunter, hunter pricing, best email checker, best free email checker, bulk email validation, email verification services, email checking, email spam checking, mx record, free email verification


  • Find email address by name.
  • Bulk email verification and checking service.
  • Website technology checker.
  • Domain Search.

Feature :

  • This email finder tool has a lead builder.
  • Integration with CRM/ Marketing Automation.
  • Its data cleaning and enrichment are essential.
  • Bulk email cleaning and verification
  • Have Google Chrome extension.
  • Mail Trucker Add-on.
  • SMTP Check.
  • Email deliverability checker.

Hunter Pricing:

Free Plan: 50 Search Credits per month.

Paid Plan: Hunter Paid plans start to range from $49 to $399 with a maximum of 50,000 Search credits.


Snovio, snovio review, snovio pricing,
Snovio is an alternative way to email hunters. This email finder and verifier tool is very creative to find anyone’s email address. It is a modest and powerful СRM for any business.

The software can manage customer relationships with professionalism and fully personalized attention.

Services :

  • Bulk email verification services.
  • Email address finder.
  • Drip campaign.
  • Website technology lookup.


  • It has an email verifier and checker.
  • This tool is user-friendly.
  • You can use this tool at a reasonable price.
  • Measure as an alternative way to email hunters.
  • Integration with CRM, Lead Generation, etc tools.
  • Google Chrome extension.
  • Email Campaign services.
  • Gmail email trucking.

Snovio Pricing :

Free Plan: 100 Search credits per month

Paid Plan: Snovio paid plans to start range from $19 to $139 for 50,000 Search credits.

8. Email Checker

Proofy is another best bulk email address verifier checker online software. It offers 500 free credits and cost-effective email verification services. Proof provides 98.5%+ accurate results.


  • Email verification and checking services.
  • Bulk Email list cleaning services.
  • Email finder (coming soon).


  • Affordable and cost-effective pricing.
  • Find and remove duplicate emails.
  • Check inactive or unavailable domains.
  • Email syntax and SMTP checking.
  • Real-time bulk email validation.
  • MX record.
  • Integrate API to website. Pricing:

Free Plan: Free 500 Credit.

Paid Plan: Proofy paid plan starts from $50.00, 35,000 email validation.

Custom pricing available on

9. is a powerful email validation and verification tool. It’s very simple and easy software to verify bulk email lists. Services :

  • Bulk Email verification services.
  • Email list cleaning and checking services.

Feature :

  • Spamtrap checking.
  • Bulk email validation.
  • Find and remove duplicate emails.
  • Syntax and SMTP validation.
  • Identify disposal email.
  • Find and remove high-risk keywords from email addresses.
  • Integration is available to verify email directly from the email services software database.

Pricing :

Free Plan: 100 Credit for testing.

Paid Plan: paid plan starts from $19.00 per month.

10. SendPulse.

sendpulse, email verifier, email validation tool

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing automation platform with email at its core. Apart from marketing emails, users can send promotional SMS or web push notifications as well as design chatbots for Facebook Messenger or Telegram. Email verifier is yet another feature that helps SendPulse users create marketing campaigns with high ROI. Being able to verify an email list helps to improve deliverability and save money on future campaigns.


  • Mailing lists verification 
  • Single email verification
  • Detailed verification report

SendPulse Email verifier features:

  • Domain health checking.
  • Invalid and duplicate email removal.  
  • High-risk detection.
  • Email list Segmentation
  • Custom API & Webhook.

11. Mailgun.

Mailgun is the fastest-growing email validation tool. The tool is trusted by 225,000+ customers. Mailgun provides 5,000 free credits per month for 3 months to test their feature. You can also use Mailgun to send emails and improve deliverability and email analytics.

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Service :

  • Email Marketing.
  • Email validation and verification.
  • Set up email API.
  • Email deliverability services etc.

Feature :

  • Bulk email validation and cleaning.
  • Verify large email list quickly.
  • Real-time email validation API.
  • Improve email deliverability and inbox placement.
  • Fastest email delivery.
  • Drip email marketing.
  • Email optimization and analytics.

Mailgun Pricing:

Free Plan: Free 5,000 credits per month for the first 3 months.

Paid plan: Mailgun paid plan starts from $35.00 monthly.

Custom pricing is available.

Conclusion :

Bulk email checker and verifier software is a must for anyone who wants to ensure their email lists are accurate and up-to-date. These ten free bulk email checker and verifier software provide the reliability, accuracy, and flexibility needed to help improve your deliverability rates. With great features such as automatic emails to non-existent addresses, advanced de-duplication tools, and the ability to integrate with other systems, these programs can save you time while making sure that no message is ever lost or fails in transit. Choose one of these 10 best software solutions depending on your requirements and create messages safely! All of them have amazing capabilities but it’s important to remember that only one fits your needs exactly so make sure you research before taking the plunge!

You choose the right email checker and verification tool after using their free plan. All email checkers and validation software have free plans. We hope you can check and verify your email list with these awesome email checker tools.