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Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to show off your professional profile? Look no further. In this article, we will take a look at – a popular platform for collecting and verifying email addresses, as well as its features, alternatives, and more. Explore the possibilities of how you can use to make sure you are connecting with the right people! is an amazing tool to find someone’s email from the website. Like the name, it’s vital to work to hunt or find the email. You can find someone’s email by name, or domain search within a second. Hunter email finder tools provide a lot of emails with a single click. But you will be lost only 1 credit for a website.

Who Can Use Hunter Email Finder?

Small business owners, startups, digital marketers, Freelancers, agency owners, SEO experts, and anyone can use email hunter tools. Features:

Hunter has all features related to email marketing, list building, template, email verification, etc. All feature of email hunter discusses below.

1. Domain Search.

The email hunter is very popular for domain searches. It’s very easy to find an email from a website using email hunter. With a single click, you can get all available email addresses from the website. It also has a filter feature to find specific titles and emails.

2. Email Finder.

You can find someone’s email by name using’s email finder tools. Hunter is also allowed to find emails by API call and bulk email.

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Hunter Email Finder.

3. Email Verifier.

Email verifier is another amazing feature of You can verify your single email or bulk email list with Hunter. It also has an API key to verify bulk email. This tool verifies over 100M professional emails. You must need to use these tools to avoid spam and reduce bounce emails.

4. Google Chrome extension.

Hunter’s has an awesome Google Chrome Extention. This extension made it easier to find emails from a website. Hunter’s Chrome extension lets you immediately find the email addresses behind the websites you’re browsing.

5. Google Sheets Add-on. has Google Sheets Add-on and you can find emails directly from Google Sheets. You can use this Add-on with a free account.

6. Bulk Tools. have bulk services to search, find and verify email addresses. You can use bulk service with a free account.

7. Cold Email Campaign. has a cold email marketing campaign feature. You can compose, send, track, and follow up on cold emails using this feature. allows adding multiple Gmail accounts to send and reach out to the cold email.

8. CRM integrations.

Hunter’s has Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho, Hubspot, and Pipedrive CRM integrations to grow your outreach faster.

9. Email Trucking.

You can track the emails you send with Gmail by HunterMail Trucker. Once you’ve installed the MailTracker extension, the emails you send with Gmail are tracked. You will get a notification when your recipient opens your email. Anytime You can deactivate the email tracking when you want.

10. TechLookup.

TechLookup is an amazing feature of Email Hunter. You can find a list of websites by specific technology. Just type a technology name or click on a technology name to download the website list. It allows filtering the list by industry, language and popularity.

11. Cold Email Template. launch a new feature as an email template. A lot of cold email outreach templates are available for free. You can search your targeted template by category.

Email Hunter Pricing.

Free Plan: Yes, Email Hunter offers 50 credits per month for free.

Email Hunter Monthly Pricing From $49.00 To $399.00, email hunter, hunter email finder, best email finder, pricing, email hunter pricing. Monthly Pricing.

Email Hunter Yearly Pricing From $34.00 To $279.00 (30% off)., email hunter, hunter email finder, best email finder, pricing, email hunter pricing. Yearly Pricing.


  • Best tool for cold email campaigns.
  • Can help you find email addresses and phone numbers associated with a website domain.
  • Offers a free plan with limited features.
  • Cost credit per domain, not per email.
  • Provides a chrome extension to quickly search for email addresses.
  • Generates a list of suggested email addresses when searching for a specific domain.
  • Offers a paid plan with more features, including the ability to verify email addresses.


  • does not work on LinkedIn profiles.
  • B2B contact database is not available. Alternatives:

7 best alternatives are below:,, GerProspect, Zoominfo, AnyMailFinder, Aeroleads,

Conclusion :

In the final word, Email Hunter is one of the best and most useful tools to find someone’s email, send cold emails, and do email verification. You can use this tool to reach your targeted recipient fastly.


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