If you have a Wix eCommerce store and want to make sure of order confirmation and promotion then SMS marketing software is the best solution for you. SMS Marketing tool is an affordable and cost-effective way to connect with your customers and increase your sales. You can send an individual message or create SMS marketing automation to send a mass message in a specific schedule. There are many SMS marketing software and services available. And in this article, we discuss the 5 best SMS marketing services for Wix eCommerce.

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Why do you need to start SMS marketing for the eCommerce store?

You should need to start SMS marketing because_

  • SMS marketing increases the conversation rate.
  • Approx 91% of customers are interested to sign-up up for text messaging.
  • SMS marketing is a cost-effective marketing platform.
  • Easy to set up and use SMS marketing services.
  • 85% Of people would get responses in a text message.
  • Build trust and brand awareness.

5 Best SMS Marketing For Wix eCommerce

Please see the details of the 5 best SMS software for Wix eCommerce.

Klaviyo SMS Marketing

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Klaviyo SMS Marketing

Klaviyo is an Email and SMS marketing software for Wix and any other eCommerce stores. This tool allows direct integration with the Wix web store. Klaviyo is best for growing the SMS number list and automating SMS Marketing Campaigns.


  • SMS and email in one platform.
  • Specialized SMS marketing for an eCommerce store.
  • Get the custom SMS number.
  • SMS number List.
  • SMS automation.
  • Highlight the dynamic image.
  • A/B testing
  • Send bulk SMS


Free plan: Available.

Premium plan: Please estimate your premium plan for Klaviyo SMS marketing.

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2. SimpleTexting

Simple Texting is the most powerful and efficient SMS marketing software for Wix eCommerce. Different Ways to Integrate Wix and SimpleTexting to connect your customers. You can send payment reminders and add-to-cart follow-ups with Simple Texting.

Feature of Simple Texting:

  • Get the custom number for your business.
  • Collect and grow phone number list with SMS keywords
  • Import/export phone number.
  • Webform for subscribers.
  • Mobile Sign-Up Widget.
  • Direct integration facility.
  • Automate SMS marketing campaign.
  • Bulk SMS and business texting.
  • Scheduled message campaign
  • SMS autoresponder and many more.

Pricing of Simple Texting:

Free plan: 15 Day free trial. No Credit card is required.

The pro plan starts from $29.00

3. Burst SMS

Burst SMS is a quick and easy SMS service for Wix. This SMS software helps you to scale sales conversations and customer experience. It gives you a 100% SMS delivery guarantee. Launch your SMS marketing campaign with Burst SMS integration.

Feature of Burst SMS:

  • Bulk SMS gateway.
  • Email to text activation.
  • SMS automation.
  • Toll-free phone number.
  • Specialized SMS software for eCommerce.
  • Dedicated virtual number.
  • Phone number list cleaning


Free Trial: Yes, a free trial is available.

Premium: Burst SMS premium plan starts from $5.00/month.

4. Privy

Privy is an email marketing and SMS marketing platform for Wix and small eCommerce stores. You can convert your text message into sales with Privy. This SMS marketing platform is easy to use for SMS marketing campaigns. You can start an SMS campaign for just $10 per month.

Feature of Privy SMS Marketing.

  • Easy and cheap to use Privy.
  • Send after sign-up and add to cart massage.
  • Simple setup and integration.
  • Landing page for collecting phone numbers.
  • Send thanks and a promotion massage.
  • Broadcast massaging.
  • Grow and build an SMS list.

Price of Privy Massage.

Free plan: Available.

Premium Plan: Privy premium plan start from $15.00 monthly.

5. Call Loop

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Call Loop SMS Marketing

Call Loop is an SMS marketing platform to grow the phone number list, and automate text message campaigns. It’s the best SMS service for Wix eCommerce stores. You can start your Text and bulk SMS marketing campaign with Call Loop to increase your conversions and grow your business.


  • Capture the email and name in the text.
  • Bulk SMS marketing.
  • SMS markeitn automation.
  • Run SMS campaign and analytics.
  • Send Personalized SMS, broadcast, and promotional SMS.
  • Group and keyword base massaging.
  • Voicemail sending.
  • Wix direct integration.


Free trial: Available 14 days free trial.

Premium plan: The premium plan starts from $5.00 to $99.00

We hope you can now choose the right SMS marketing software for your Wix web store.