How To Make Money With Canva in 2023? 8 Effective Ways


Canva is a design tool that uses by 65+ million people every month over the world. It’s the most popular web-based graphic design tool to design social media posts, logo designs, print designs, web designs, video editing, etc. There are over 100 million design templates in Canva and its increasing day by day. So, you can make money with Canva in many ways. We discuss here 8 effective ways to make money with Canva.

Making money with Canva is a great way to turn your design talents into income. With the right strategies and tools, you can create eye-catching designs that will draw in customers or clients, allowing you to make money while doing something that brings you joy. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or want to pursue full-time work with Canva, there are plenty of opportunities out there if you’re willing to put yourself out there and build up your portfolio. Make sure to take advantage of all the available resources such as tutorials and templates from Canva so that you can start making more money today!

Here are 8 ways to make money with Canva.

1. Canva Contributor

If you are a professional designer or love to design then this way is perfect for you. Canva offers design contributors to design various and uploads on Canva. A huge number of contributors join in Canva as design contributors. They make a lot of money by designing various templates, elements, photos, logos, banners, print-on-demand, etc. So, join ASAP in Canva as a design contributor to make money with Canva.

2. Canva Affiliates Program

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Canva Affiliates Program

Are you an affiliate marketer? if yes then Canva has an affiliate program for affiliate marketers. This program is best for bloggers, social influencers, and YouTubers. First, you need to register as a Canva pro affiliate program. Next, promote Canva pro design to your audience, follower, and subscribers. Then you will earn money when someone registers Canva pro using your referral link.

Canva has a lot of resources for affiliate partners and they provide support at every step. So, Canva Pro would be the best way to make money online.

3. Sell Canva Template

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Canva Templates on Etsy

What happens if you make money by doing something fun and relaxing? Yes, you can make up to $2,000 per month with Canva templates. There are a few e-commerce websites like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc where you can sell your Canva templates. Many designers make $ 2k-5k per month with Canva Templates.

A few steps you need to follow to sell Canva templates.

  • Sign-Up for Canva.
  • Choose a category to design Canva templates.
  • Design Canva templates to sell.
  • Create the deliverable file.
  • Design your design thumbnail.
  • Join the eCommerce platform.
  • List your templates for sales.
  • Promote your templates/products.
  • Received your money.

4. Freelance Canva Designer

Becoming a freelance designer is the best way to make money using Canva. Since Canva is very popular now and the demand is increasing day by day. Many small business owners and content creators use Canva and need freelance Canva designers for their social media posts, advertising design, banners, posters, print media designs, etc. Fiverr, Upwork and LinkedIn are the best freelance marketplace for Canva Designer. So, if you become a freelance Canva expert, it would be a great way to make money with Canva.

A few steps you need to follow to sell Canva templates.

  • Sign up for Canva
  • Learn Canva design from various resources.
  • Join freelance marketplaces.
  • Create your professional profile.
  • Add a few portfolios to your profile.
  • Create a few Gigs/projects to sell or apply to the job post.
  • Get your order and received your money.

5. Canva Consultant

If you start your own business to make money online then Canva consulting is the best choice for you. You can provide Canva design services to your local and global clients as a consultant. Already many Canva experts start their consulting businesses as their primary income source.

6. Social Media Content Manager

A social media content manager is a person who is responsible for the management, and development of activity on social media platforms with the aim of growing engagement, building an audience and increasing web traffic. If you are a Canva expert, then you can be a social media manager. Because Canva has millions of social media post templates, content-sharing calendars, content design tools, content management tools, etc smart features. So, it would be a great way to make money with Canva.

7. Canva Creator

Recently, Canva start a new program named Canva creator. This is a specialized program for freelance designer, artist, and everyone who love to design. A Canva creator can sell their templates directly on Canva. But the Canva creator program is not available for all users yet.

8. Sell Canva Course

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Canva Courses in Udemy

If you are a Canva guru, then you can create and sell Canva courses. You can see a few hundred Canva online courses available on Udemy. No need for your own website to sell your courses. You can join as an instructor in an online learning platform and create your course using their course creator tools. Fiverr, Udemy and Coursera are the best online platforms to sell Canva courses.


We hope this article has helped shed some light on how to make money with Canva and the various ways in which you can utilize its features. With a good understanding of the platform and knowledge of creative design, anyone can create stunning visuals for their clients that will help them stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to become a freelance designer or start your own business, Canva provides an amazing opportunity to make money online. So give it a try today!

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