MailChimp vs Constant Contact: Which Is Better In 2023?


While using separate platforms to manage your marketing, the margin of error remains there. The biggest advantage of using an all-in-one marketing platform is that the customer files contain the latest information. 

Mailchimp and Constant Contact are the most popular email marketing software. In this article, we discuss Mailchimp vs Constant Contact. And clarify which is the better email marketing tool in 2023.

All-in-one marketing platforms enhance your workflow, give more advertising options, and serve you the best within your budget. When talking about all-in-one marketing platforms, Mailchimp and Constant contact are the two platforms that marketers prefer the most. 

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In this article, you will see Mailchimp vs Constant Contact. These two marketing platforms are serving marketers in the best way. Here you will get to know which one is having the upper hand over the other one. So, let’s just get started.

Overview: Mailchimp vs Constant Contact

Mailchimp has dominated the email marketing space and seeks to continue that as it has expanded into eCommerce. This has enabled users to have their online stores. This marketing platform is acting like a multichannel hub right now. It also offers better automation, website design, hosting, and embedded customer management services as well. 

Constant Contact offers an intuitive user interface with a unique design. This platform also offers a variety of email automation features. Its email plan offers basic eCommerce marketing and unlimited emails that rank high in the to-do lists of most small and medium-sized businesses. Particularly this platform is a go-to option for small businesses. 


Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact have plenty of features to offer to email marketers. Here are the features of these platforms that will let you know which one suits your business. Have a look at them:

1. Automation 

To help you get connected with your customers, Mailchimp has a variety of automation tools. When a subscriber signup, it triggers him/her with a welcome email. Retarget those customers who left a purchase. Regular customers are sent promo codes so that they remain active with your business. Send emails to your customers on special occasions like birthdays and national days so that they get engaged. 

Constant Contact also offers many automation features that help keep your customers engaged with your business. You can send new emails or resume with the existing campaigns to increase your customers’ interest. You can let your customers know about new promotions through emails that are running on your website. To use the automation features, you need to get the highest payment tier. 

So, comparing these two based on automation, Mailchimp has the upper hand.  

2. Reporting 

With the help of in-depth reporting that Mailchimp provides, you can analyze the response of the audience. You can get to know your return on investment through your website and email links as well after connecting your eCommerce store to your Mailchimp account. This lets you know about the campaigns are working properly or not. 

Constant Contact also provides reporting on the number of clicks on your website, forwards, and website clicks as well. This helps in knowing about the revenue generated by campaigns. Compared to Mailchimp, Constant Contact offers very few advanced reporting features.   

3. Designs and templates

Customers love the templates and designs that Constant Contact provides. All the templates are easy to use. There is a variety that you can consider and choose the one that suits you the best. You can choose from ready-made templates or get customized ones as well. Just make sure that you know what you require while getting a customized one.  

Mailchimp also provides user-friendly designs to make sure that your marketing is going on the right track. Plus, there are a lot of templates that you can choose from. There are block-based templates available as well. You can choose one and can drag your content to make sure that it matches your brand. As compared to Constant Contact, templates and designs offered by Mailchimp are more polished.

4. List Management

For marketing, it is required to make sure that your lists are organized and straightforward. Mailchimp is very simple to use; it is not easy to organize your lists while using it. If you want to use Mailchimp then, using a master list with it is recommended to know which campaign should be sent to which contact.

Compared with Constant Contact, this one is a better platform if list management is one of your major concerns. The contacts are organized properly and cleanly. The listing tells you which campaign is for which particular contact and when it needs to be sent.

5. Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools are very valuable as they can help you strengthen and manage your business’s customer relationships. Constant Contact takes care of the email list segmentation and list management features. This allows you to have a strong relationship with your customers and provide what they need. The listings help in knowing if you are targeting your customers with the right campaigns or not.

Mailchimp provides a large selection of CRM tools to all its users without any additional cost. with these CRM tools, you can easily segment your audience and personalize the messaging. You just need to import the data of your audience and create tags to filter data that is suitable for your business. Once the data starts making sense then, you need to set automated messages for your audience.

6. Customer Support

Customer support is one of the main attributes of a marketing platform. Mailchimp offers 24/7 customer support to all its paid users. Whether you have Standard or Essential plans, you will get live chat support and emails for any queries. The customer support Mailchimp provides has satisfied all its customers.

Constant Contact offers support to its customers via chat, phone, Twitter, and crowdsourced community advice. Chat and phone support are available 6 days a week. The other two options are available 24/7. Users can ask for special support after paying an extra fee. Mailchimp has the upper hand regarding customer support. 

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact Pricing

You do not need to go over your budget to get those features you will not use. Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact offer various plans. 

Have a look at the price of plans that Mailchimp offers:

● It offers a free plan with a limit of 5,000 emails and 500 contacts.

● The essential plan costs $13.00/per month. 500 contacts and 5000 emails.

● The standard plan costs $20.00/month with features of the essential plan plus advanced features.

● Premium plan costs $350/ month with everything that the standard plan offers plus advanced segmentation. 

Now, take a look at the pricing plans of Constant Contact:

● It offers a free trial of 60 days.

● Email plan costs $$9.99/ month.

● Email plus plan costs $45/ month.

● Customized plan costs according to the features selected.

Comparing the prices, Constant Contact is a bit expensive, and Mailchimp, on the other hand, offers reasonable prices and robust features.

A/B testing: Mailchimp vs Constant Contact

A/B testing is vital for marketers as it helps in testing email copies, subject lines, and images. Unfortunately, Constant Contact does not offer A/B testing functionality, which means that all the testing must be done manually if you select Constant Contact. This means that you will be creating lists manually. Plus, you need to analyze the results separately and then compare them. 

Whereas Mailchimp takes care that you do not have to do these things manually as time-consuming, what about the money you have spent? Mailchimp offers complete A/B testing functionality so you can test all the crucial elements of your marketing campaigns in a short time, such as content, names, send time, and subject lines as well. 

Integration: Mailchimp vs Constant Contact

Mailchimp integrates with every popular CRM such as SalesForce and Zoho etc. Plus, this tool also integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This integration is very beneficial for your marketing as everyone is on social media, and your business will have several views. 

Constant Contact does not offer as many integrations as Mailchimp does. Still, with this tool, you get connected with Social media channels and CRM software as well. So if you are looking for a clear winner for integration in Mailchimp vs Constant Contact, Mailchimp has the upper hand. 

Mailchimp vs Constant Contact Deliverability:

Deliverability is one of the major concerns for marketers, and they look for it before choosing any platform. Constant Contact delivers 97%, and Mailchimp, on the other hand, delivers between 96% to 99%. Marketers switch to Constant Contact when they see this platform is delivering better. The deliverability competition is won by Constant Contact because it is an experienced platform. It knows how to get into the spam folder of your customers. 

Comparison Table: Mailchimp vs Constant Contact 

Have a look at the table to know which one is better:

Features Mailchimp Constant Contact
Email automationGood Average 
List management Average Better 
Deliverability Good Excellent 
Reports & analysis Excellent Average 
Integration Excellent Average 
Price Reasonable A bit expensive 
Comparison Table: Mailchimp vs Constant Contact 

Which one to choose and when?

Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact have standout features that attract different marketers. All businesses require different requirements to attract their audience. You need to choose the one that suits and benefits your business needs.

● If you are looking for an incredible brand experience, amazing reporting & analytics suite, automation features in your budget, and the highest value at a low price then, Mailchimp is the platform you should go with. 

● If you are looking for simple list management, the best deliverability, a user-friendly & easy-to-use platform, and the most accessible customer support at a lower price, Constant Contact is your go-to option.

Final words 

Both these tools have their reputation among their customers. Different marketers have their requirements, and these tools serve them accordingly. Mailchimp has the upper hand on many features, which is why it has acquired many trusted customers. Constant Contact is also serving its clients in a good way, but Mailchimp has provided better offers.

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Constant Contact and Mailchimp are two of the best and most popular email marketing service providers serving marketers with their businesses.

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